Anggriawan Sugianto

Entrepreneur, Consultant, Volunteer

Business technologist with 10+ years of experience, including general management, business development, and software engineering. Graduated from KAIST (MBA) and ITB (Computer Science).

Anggriawan Sugianto

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Anggriawan at CeBIT Hannover


Co-founder & CTO/COO at Suitmedia Digital Agency

Expert in strategy, technology, design, and communication.

We help clients solve their problems through advisory, digital products, creative contents, and digital marketing.

Our clients are big companies in finance, automotive, consumer goods, government, media, property, retail, sports, tourism, and other industries.

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Think Big, Start Small. Act Now, Move Fast.

Tech geek, fell in love with programming since high school, graduated from Computer Science ITB and KAIST Business School.

Occasionally volunteer with educational mission through Kelas Inspirasi and Ruang Berbagi Ilmu, while travelling around Indonesia.

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Anggriawan at Komunitas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau (KIJP)


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